Sanitary Pneumatic TC Straight Ball Valve

Sanitary Pneumatic TC Straight Ball Valve

The sanitary pneumatic TC straight ball valve is a versatile and reliable fluid control solution designed for sanitary systems. It offers precise control over fluid flow and is widely used in various industries. It is available in different sizes and materials to suit specific system requirements.

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Product parameter

Standard SMS,DIN
Material Contact Parts SS304(1.4301)/SS316L (1.4404) Provided with material inspection report
Material Non-contact Parts SS304(1.4301)
Size 1/2 to 4”, DN10 to DN100
Body Combination Straight Port, T Port, L Port
Connection Butt-weld,Tri-clamp,Male Thread,Union,Flange
Seal Material PTFE Seal. The seal material comply with FDA21CFR117.2600
Power Option Manual Operated
  SS Pneumatic Actuator, Aluminum Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator
Working Pressure ≤10bar(145psi)
Supply Pressure for Air Actuator 5~8(72.52psi~116psi)
External Surface Treatment Ra32~64uin(o.8~1.6um)
Internal Surface Treatment Ra16~32uin(0.4~0.8um) 

The sanitary pneumatic TC straight ball valve is a high-performance valve designed for sanitary applications. It features a spherical disc (the ball) with a hole in the center that allows or restricts the flow of fluids. The valve is operated by rotating the ball 90 degrees, either opening or closing the flow passage.The 90-degree rotation mechanism of the ball valve offers quick and precise control over fluid flow. When the ball is in the open position, the bore aligns with the valve body, allowing fluid to pass through freely. Conversely, when the ball is rotated to the closed position, the bore is perpendicular to the valve body, blocking the flow of fluid.

Product drawing

Sanitary Ball Valve.jpg

Product Features

Anti-Blowout Stem Design: The ball valve incorporates an anti-blowout stem design, ensuring that the stem remains securely in place even under high-pressure conditions. This feature enhances safety and prevents accidental stem dislodgement.

Cavity Filling Option: Some models of the ball valve offer a cavity filling option, which allows for the injection of a sealing material into the cavity behind the ball. This feature ensures a tight seal and eliminates potential leakage points, enhancing the valve’s performance and reliability.

Application scenario

Product Advantages

1.Enhanced Safety: The anti-blowout stem design and fire-safe construction of the ball valve provide enhanced safety, preventing stem dislodgement and ensuring valve integrity even in hazardous conditions.

2.Improved Sealing Performance: The cavity filling option and precise machining of sealing surfaces ensure a tight and reliable seal, minimizing the risk of leakage and enhancing overall system performance.

3.Reduced Operational Effort: The low torque operation of the ball valve reduces the effort required to operate the valve, resulting in improved ergonomics and ease of use.

4.Versatile Applications: The ball valve’s wide compatibility with different fluids and its ability to handle a range of pressures and temperatures make it suitable for dive

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