Sanitary Manual TC Three Ways Ball Valve

Sanitary Manual TC Three Ways Ball Valve

The sanitary manual TC three-way ball valve is a highly specialized valve used in sanitary applications. It ensures precise control of fluid flow in industries like food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals. Constructed with premium materials, it guarantees cleanliness and prevents contamination. Its user-friendly design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Product parameter 

Standard SMS,DIN
Material Contact Parts SS304(1.4301)/SS316L (1.4404) Provided with material inspection report
Material Non-contact Parts SS304(1.4301)
Size 1/2 to 4”, DN10 to DN100
Body Combination traight Port, T Port, L Port
Connection Butt-weld,Tri-clamp,Male Thread,Union,Flange
Seal Material PTFE Seal. The seal material comply with FDA21CFR117.2600
Power Option Manual Operated
  SS Pneumatic Actuator, Aluminum Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator
Working Pressure ≤10bar(145psi)
Supply Pressure for Air Actuator 5~8(72.52psi~116psi)
External Surface Treatment Ra32~64uin(o.8~1.6um)
Internal Surface Treatment Ra16~32uin(0.4~0.8um) 

The sanitary manual TC three-way ball valve is a specialized valve used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to precisely control the flow of liquids or gases in a three-way configuration. Constructed with stainless steel materials that adhere to stringent sanitary standards, these valves ensure impeccable cleanliness and prevent any risk of contamination. Their design allows for easy disassembly and thorough cleaning, facilitating optimal sanitation and maintenance practices.

Product drawing 

Product Features

  • Flexible Three-way Configuration Flowing: This valve features a tri-port configuration, enabling precise flow control between two inlet ports and one outlet port, or vice versa. This innovative design offers exceptional flexibility in directing flow and effectively managing media diversion.
  • Easy to Use with Manual Operation: The three-way ball valve can be operated either manually using a handle or lever, providing direct control to the operator. This user-friendly feature ensures simplicity and ease of use, while also allowing for swift adjustments or immediate flow shut-off as required.
  • Tight Tri-clamp Connection Makes It Easy to Maintain and Assembly: The valve is outfitted with tri-clamp connections, widely recognized in sanitary applications for their seamless and secure integration with process lines. These connections guarantee airtight and leak-free performance, while also facilitating effortless installation and disassembly for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Application scenario


Product Advantages

1.Versatile Function Makes Wide Application: The three-way design of this valve offers exceptional versatility, enabling efficient diversion or blending of flow across multiple pipelines or process streams. This remarkable adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a diverse array of industries, including but not limited to food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and various other sectors where precise flow control and media manipulation are paramount.

2.Ball Valve Design Makes Accurate Flow Control: The ball valve design offers unparalleled precision in flow control, facilitating effortless adjustment of flow rates and seamless redirection of fluids in various directions. With exceptional shutoff capabilities, these valves effectively minimize leakage and guarantee meticulous control over the entire process, ensuring optimal efficiency and accuracy.

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