Sanitary Pneumatic Powder Butterfly Valve

Sanitary Pneumatic Powder Butterfly Valve

The sanitary pneumatic powder butterfly valve is a crucial component in sanitary systems, designed to control the flow of powders and granular materials. With its pneumatic actuator, it ensures precise and efficient operation.

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Product parameter 

Standard SMS,DIN
Material Contact Parts SS304/SS316L(1.4301/1.4404) Provided with material inspection report
Material Non-contact Parts SS304(1.4301)
Application Powder, Particle, Capsule
Size 4”-12” ,DN100 to DN300
Connection Butt Weld, Tri Clamp, Flanged
Seal Material Silicone,EPDM,FKM,Buna. All seals material comply with FDA21CFR117.2600
Drive Option Manual Stainless Steel Handle
SS Pneumatic Actuator (air/spring, air/air)
Aluminum Pneumatic Actuator  (air/spring, air/air)
lectric Actuator (on-off, adjustable)
Max. Working Pressure ≤16bar (232psi)
Min. Working Pressure 0.2bar (2.9psi)
Supply Pressure for Air Actuator 5~8 (72.52psi~116psi)
External Surface Treatment Ra32~64ui n (o.8~1.6um)
Internal Surface Treatment Ra16~32uin (0.4~0.8um) 
Temperature range -20~130 ℃ (up to Seat Seal)
Certificate ISO 9001, FDA, SGS, CE

A sanitary tank bottom valve is a highly specialized valve specifically designed for use in the most stringent sanitary applications, such as the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Constructed from premium stainless steel, these valves are meticulously engineered to ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene. With a focus on easy maintenance and cleaning, they effectively prevent contamination and uphold the highest standards of product purity.

Product drawing 

Product Features

  • Pneumatic Actuation Ensures Reliable and Efficient Operation:The valve is powered by compressed air or gas, enabling precise control and rapid opening/closing actions. Pneumatic actuation guarantees dependable and efficient operation, making it suitable for both manual and automated process control systems.
  • Specially Designed for Powder Handling Efficiently Prevent Build-up: The valve is purposefully engineered to cater to the handling of powders or granular materials. Its butterfly disc or plate boasts an optimized shape that effectively prevents material accumulation, minimizes pressure drop, and guarantees the seamless flow of powders through the valve.


Product Advantages

Compliance with High Industry Standards Meets the Highest Sanitary and Safety Requirements: The valves are meticulously crafted and produced in adherence to esteemed industry standards, including 3-A Sanitary Standards, FDA regulations, and EHEDG guidelines. This meticulous approach guarantees that the valve not only meets but surpasses the most stringent sanitary and safety requirements, ensuring unparalleled levels of quality and reliability.

High-quality Material Achieves Good Durability and Longevity: These valves are meticulously engineered using top-tier materials renowned for their exceptional durability and longevity, including stainless steel, thereby ensuring an impressively extended lifespan. This superior construction significantly mitigates the need for frequent replacements, leading to substantial cost savings on maintenance and upkeep expenses.

Available in Various Sizes and Configurations: These valves offer an extensive range of sizes and configurations, providing unparalleled flexibility to accommodate diverse production processes. Their versatility extends to a wide array of applications, including but not limited to powder conveying, bulk material handling, and precise dosing processes.

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