TRL1 Stainless Steel Single Stage Sanitary Emulsifying Pump

TRL1 Stainless Steel Single Stage Sanitary Emulsifying Pump

Our sanitary high shear emulsifying pump is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in emulsifying and homogenizing applications. It is a vital component in processes such as cream production, sauce emulsification, and cosmetic formulation. This emulsifying pump is built to meet the highest hygienic standards, ensuring product safety and integrity throughout the emulsification process.

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Product parameter

Product Name: Sanitary emulsifying pump
Material: SS304 / SS316L / 1.4301 / 1.4404
Seal Gasket: EPDM  FPM(Viton) and NBR
Max. Flow: 140 m3/h
Impeller: Open type impeller
Max. Flow: 140 m3/h
Impeller: Open type impeller
Max. Head: 70M (7bar)
Temperature -10~140 °C(14~284°F)
Motor power: 1.5kw~30kw
Mechanical seal: SIC/C/EPDM (Standard), C/SIC, TC/TC
Voltage: 110V, 220V, 380V
Motor Frequency: 50HZ, 60HZ
Available connection: Clamped, Threaded, Flanged 


The sanitary emulsified pump is a cutting-edge solution designed for emulsifying and homogenizing applications in hygienic industries. This high shear emulsifying pump is specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics, where precise emulsification and homogenization are essential. With its advanced features, hygienic design, and numerous advantages, it is the ideal choice for industries that require efficient and consistent emulsification processes.

Product drawing
Sanitary Emulsified Pump (1).pngSanitary Emulsified Pump (2).png

Product Features

  • High Emulsification Efficiency: The pump is engineered for high emulsification efficiency, providing optimal performance and consistent results. It utilizes advanced technology to create fine and stable emulsions, ensuring uniformity and quality in the final product.
  • Adjustable Emulsification Parameters: The ehigh shear emulsifying pump offers adjustable emulsification parameters, such as speed, shear rate, and mixing time. This flexibility allows for precise control over the emulsification process, ensuring desired texture, stability, and particle size distribution.
  • Sanitary Sealing System: The emulsifying pump features a sanitary sealing system that prevents any leakage or contamination during the emulsification process. This system ensures the integrity and safety of the product, meeting the strictest hygiene standards.


Product Advantages

1.Enhanced Product Quality: The advanced emulsification technology and high shear capability of the high shear emulsifying pump contribute to enhanced product quality. It enables the creation of emulsions with superior texture, stability, and flavor, resulting in a premium end product that meets the highest standards of excellence.

2.Enhanced Operational Efficiency: With its efficient emulsification process and adjustable parameters, this pump significantly reduces process time and increases production efficiency. It allows for faster batch cycles and higher throughput, enabling businesses to meet growing demands and maximize productivity.

3.Economical Benefits: The sanitary emulsifying pump offers cost savings through its energy-efficient operation and reduced product waste. Its high emulsification efficiency ensures optimal utilization of ingredients, minimizing product loss and maximizing yield. Additionally, the pump's low maintenance requirements and easy cleaning procedures contribute to overall cost savings.

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