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Introduction and Installation of Manhole covers

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Sanitary manholes are used in industrial fields such as dairy products, beer, food, beverages, and pharmaceutical processes.Generally all meet the special requirements of various media in food and biopharmaceutical fields.they are all relatively hygienic industries, completely food machinery industries, especially the equipment of large companies such as brewing and beverages.

By the way, we introduce about the choice of manhole sealing ring, What kind of sealing ring is used for the manhole is related to the medium. Generally, the most commonly used Silicone gasket. This kind of sealing ring has excellent sealing performance and is waterproof and leak-proof. It can be used almost forever at 150 ° without performance change and other advantages. And We can provide many types of Gasket (Silicone/EPDM/NBR/FKM).

About Manhole, we available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, And the cover  and collar thickness, can be changed according to your requirement. The number of handles can be changed according to your needs. Then all Stainless steel manhole are produced in both 304 and 316L stainless steel, The Internal surface adopt 0.8μm-0.4μm, Outside surface adopt Mirror polished or matte polished.


After everyone understands the knowledge of manhole. Do you know how we should install them?

The correct installation method of sanitary manhole is introduced as follows:

1. Sanitary manhole is the manhole of the non-metallic oil tank is set on the top of the tank, and the manhole of the metal oil tank is set on the lower circle plate of the tank wall. Most of them are round holes with a diameter of 600mm and a center of 750mm from the bottom plate. They are used for oil tank cleaning or maintenance personnel to enter and exit the oil tank, and they reopen the door.

2. When the capacity of the vertical oil tank is below 5000m3, there are 1 to 2 manholes, and above 5000m3, there are 2 manholes. The installation of the manhole should be no more than 90 ° away from the oil inlet and outlet lines. When there is only one manhole, it should be inserted into the opposite side of the light-transmitting hole on the top of the tank; when two manholes are established, one of them should be opposite the light-transmitting hole and the other should be at least 90 ° apart from the first .

3. The sanitary manhole should be located on the right side of the inlet and outlet oil pipes, and try to make the manhole be closed to the door of the tank room, the brake personnel enter and exit, repair the oil tank and the ventilation takeover. On the lower body circle, leakage prevention is particularly important. It is required that the joint surface of the two flanges must ensure its straightness without drifting.


This is the end of the introduction of Manhole. If you have any questions or interest, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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