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7. Sanitary sight cleaning ball

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Sanitary Rotary cleaning ball


It is a rotating nozzle,it uses a cleaning agent to clean the tank and spray. Because the equipment is less in the low pressure, it is an effective substitute for the traditional spray ball.Double ball bearings with rotating head,which makes the cleaning ball series is applicable to all types of sanitary and industrial grade clear application areas,including cleaning tanks,reactors and containers all sanitary and industrial supplies.

Fixed cleaning ball:a fixed spray ball used in the food and beverage industry to clean the tank. Fixed spray ball used for lower cleaning tasks.


Working principle:

Rotary cleaning ball:cleaning liquid through its own power to fan jet nozzle rotating cleaning ball,will form a reaction vessel in vortex in the whole tank,so as to effectively remove the residual products on the surface of the container, achieve the cleaning effect.

Fixed cleaning ball:cleaning ball through the nozzle of the cleaning ball mouth,to form a spray around the jet,so as to clear the remnants of the product left in the surface of the container, to achieve the cleaning effect.


Technical data:

Weight: depending on the specific specifications

Lubrication:self lubrication through the cleaning fluid

Working pressure:1-3 Bar

Maximum operating temperature:95℃

Maximum ambient temperature:140℃

Wetted radius:Max 3M

Spray cleaning radius:the maximum effective radius 2m

Interface:soldering,quick and threaded

Design:COMPASS  production cleaning ball series are in line with DIN,3A,SMS,ISO/IDF and other production standards



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